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An alternative interface for, similar to the deprecated function in purrr. This function tries hard to not evaluate the passed arguments too eagerly which is important when working with large R objects.

It is recommended to pass all arguments named in order to not rely on positional argument matching.


  .args = list(),
  .opts = list(),
  .seed = NA_integer_,
  .timeout = Inf



Function to call.


Additional function arguments passed to .f.


Additional function arguments passed to .f, as (named) list(). These arguments will be concatenated to the arguments provided via ....


(named list())
List of options which are set before the .f is called. Options are reset to their previous state afterwards.


Random seed to set before invoking the function call. Gets reset to the previous seed on exit.


Timeout in seconds. Uses setTimeLimit(). Note that timeouts are only triggered on a user interrupt, not in compiled code.


invoke(mean, .args = list(x = 1:10))
#> [1] 5.5
invoke(mean, na.rm = TRUE, .args = list(1:10))
#> [1] 5.5