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leanify_r6 moves the content of an R6::R6Class's functions to an environment, usually the package's namespace, to save space during serialization of R6 objects. leanify_package move all methods of all R6 Classes to an environment.

The function in the class (i.e. the object generator) is replaced by a stump function that does nothing except calling the original function that now resides somewhere else.

It is possible to call this function after the definition of an R6::R6 class inside a package, but it is preferred to use leanify_package() to just leanify all R6::R6 classes inside a package.


leanify_r6(cls, env = cls$parent_env)

leanify_package(pkg_env = parent.frame(), skip_if = function(x) FALSE)



Class generator to modify.


The target environment where the function should be stored. This should be either cls$parent_env (default) or one of its parent environments, otherwise the stump function will not find the moved (original code) function.


:: environment
The namespace from which to leanify all R6 classes. Does not have to be a package namespace, but this is the intended usecase.


:: function
Function with one argument: Is called for each individual R6::R6Class. If it returns TRUE, the class is skipped. Default function evaluating to FALSE always (i.e. skipping no classes).