catf(), messagef(), warningf() and stopf() are wrappers around base::cat(), base::message(), base::warning() and base::stop(), respectively. The call is not included for warnings and errors.

catf(msg, ..., file = "", wrap = FALSE)

messagef(msg, ..., wrap = FALSE)

warningf(msg, ..., wrap = FALSE)

stopf(msg, ..., wrap = FALSE)



Format string passed to base::sprintf().


Arguments passed down to base::sprintf().


Passed to base::cat().


(integer(1) | logical(1))
If set to a positive integer, base::strwrap() is used to wrap the string to the provided width. If set to TRUE, the width defaults to 0.9 * getOption("width"). If set to FALSE, wrapping is disabled (default). If wrapping is enabled, all whitespace characters ([[:space:]]) are converted to spaces, and consecutive spaces are converted to a single space.


messagef(" This is a rather long %s on multiple lines which will get wrapped. ", "string", wrap = 15)
#> This is a #> rather long #> string on #> multiple lines #> which will get #> wrapped.