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Topologically sort a graph, where we are passed node labels and a list of direct parents for each node, as labels, too. A node can be 'processed' if all its parents have been 'processed', and hence occur at previous indices in the resulting sorting. Returns a table, in topological row order for IDs, and an entry depth, which encodes the topological layer, starting at 0. So nodes with depth == 0 are the ones with no dependencies, and the one with maximal depth are the ones on which nothing else depends on.





Has 2 columns:

  • id of type character, contains all node labels.

  • parents of type list of character, contains all direct parents label of id.


(data.table::data.table()) with columns id, depth, sorted topologically for IDs.


nodes = rowwise_table(
  ~id, ~parents,
  "a", "b",
  "b", "c",
  "c", character()
#>    id depth
#> 1:  c     0
#> 2:  b     1
#> 3:  a     2